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Long the domain of commercially piloted helicopters and airplanes, UAV's are flying in places neither planes or helicopters can safely go.  The marriage between smaller, lighter and more sophisticated cameras that shoot at an incredibly high resolution and electronic image stabilizing gimbals make video and photographic aerial imagery a must have for any savvy business upstart or industry giant looking to stay relevant, efficient and ahead of the curve.


    Drone aerial surveys are used in cartography, topography, feature recognition and orthomosaics.  Digital photogrammetric mapping and ortho photography carry a variety of visual imagery payloads that can go slower and lower than much larger than Traditional aircraft.   

    Let CSI Drone Solutions handle all your surveying needs!

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    Construction companies and architects handling large projects are deploying drone operators to capture video in a way that allows them to measure and report progress, as well as ensure quality control.   Keeping video and photo logs of your site can also provide protection against lawsuits.  

    Let CSI Drone Solutions help protect and promote your projects!

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    Low altitude aerial video footage captured by drones sell large pieces of property and homes with unique features more quickly.   Additionally,  agents who hire UAV video companies report attracting more listings.

    Let CSI Drone Solutions capture your listings!

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    More and more, drones are being used to capture sporting events from the air.  UAV's are being used by ESPN, X Games, the Olympics, Boston Marathon and even the Tour De France. There is no shortage of local, regional and world events that couldn't be showcased from air.

    Let CSI Drone Solutions capture your next event!

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    CSI Drone operators can offer first person visual (FPV)  systems (transmitting a live video feed back to a receiver) to allow law enforcement officials and structural engineers to survey roads, bridges or buildings they could not otherwise quickly, easily reach to assess damage or risk.

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    UAV'S are replacing much of the routine inspections of electrical lines, towers and remote substations, as well as oil and gas pipelines and pumping stations. This has lowered the risk for pilots and inspectors doing routine inspections. Let CSI Drone Solutions handle the load!

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  • Volume measurement

    With sophisticated software and photo processing, the volume measurement algorithm can accurately approximate the volume of bulk material stored or excavated.

    Let CSI Drone Solutions handle your landfill and mining stockpile volume estimation.

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    Armed with specialized cameras that are capable of capturing specific wavelengths of infrared video, CSI Drone operators are able to see constrasting colors that indicate the overall health of crops in the field. Areas of concern can be inspected much closer using the same UAV for verification, problem diagnosis and even delivering localized spot treatment.

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    Recently there was a case in Virginia where hundreds of volunteers, search dogs, and a helicopter in heavily wooden areas and fields searched for 82 year old Guillermo Devencia who suffered from dementia. For three days the search dragged on to no avail. It took David Lesh about 20 minutes to find Devencia with his drone. 

    Let CSI be YOUR eyes in the sky, along with thermal imaging to help give the rescue effort an upper hand.

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  • Hunting And Guiding services

    Show perspective     clients the terrain, accommodations and animals from a

    perspective never

    used before.

    Let CSI Drone Solutions, through Aerial Video and Photography, put you on the map and ahead of the competition.

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